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Recover Binary Search Tree

You are given the root of a binary search tree (BST), where the values of exactly two nodes of the tree were swapped by mistake. Recover the tree without changing its structure.


This is a hard problem to visualize and comeup with a solution if you look frm a graph standpoint. However, if you look at it from a list standpoint, it becomes much easier to visualize and come up with a solution.

Lets take this example list: [1, 6, 3, 4, 5, 2, 7]. THe algorithm involves iterating each element in the list, making note of the first element that is out of place. In this case, it is 6. Then, we iterate the list again, making note of the last element that is out of place. In this case, it is 2. Finally, we swap the two elements.

Map this to a BST, and you will see that the algorithm works.

var recoverTree = function(root) {
  var prev = null; // Previous node during inorder traversal
  var first = null; // First misplaced node
  var second = null; // Second misplaced node

  var inorderTraversal = function(node) {
    if (node === null) {

    // Traverse the left subtree

    // Visit the current node
    if (prev !== null && prev.val > node.val) {
      if (first === null) {
        first = prev;
      second = node;
    prev = node;

    // Traverse the right subtree

  // Perform the in-order traversal to identify the misplaced nodes

  // Swap the values of the misplaced nodes
  var temp = first.val;
  first.val = second.val;
  second.val = temp;